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Solar Electricity

Solar energy is always available and can be used in generating the solar electricity. Solar companies Melbourne The solar stirling plant has devised the many ways in which one can make use of the solar electricity in order to cut down on the costs incurred for the electric power consumption. One advantage with the solar electricity is that it is cheaper as compared to the other sources of power such as the fossil fuels. The solar electricity is environment friendly in that it does not pollute the environment thus it is suitable for use. The solar energy is always available to all the categories of people in terms of consumption and this makes it to be well recognized.

One thing with the solar energy is that it is never exhausted as compared to the fossil fuels hence it is a renewable energy. The solar energy is not important to the humans alone but to the plants as well in that it used for photosynthesis as a necessary condition. It also part of the rain cycle as it is used in heating up the water bodies in order for evaporation of the moisture to take place with the end results of condensation of the moisture.

Solar energy is also essential in heating up the water and the air for household and office purposes. One way that the solar stirling plant has adopted is the use of the solar heat energy in heating up the water in order to generate the steam that will eventually be converted into solar electricity. The evaporation process is also used in the purification of the salty water to come out with pure purified water. In areas with cold conditions, the solar energy is also put to use through the solar radiation to warm up the surroundings.

One way of collecting the solar electricity is through the use of the solar panels that have the solar cells that are responsible for converting the solar energy into solar electricity. If one is possession of a larger solar panel, he/she is assured to collect a larger amount of the solar electricity. Also the amount of electricity generated depends on the intensity of the sun; the more the solar is, the more energy will be converted.

There are ways that one can convert the solar energy into solar electricity. The first step demands that one has to understand the facts on the solar energy such as the speed at which the light travels and the amount of heat released by the sun. This is due to the fact that the solar energy is made up of both the heat and light. The next thing is for one to have the information on how to convert the solar energy. For this case, one has to make use of the transducer in order to enable the transmission process. An example of the transducer is the microphone that is used to convert the sound waves into electricity. For the solar electricity as said earlier, one has to introduce the use of the solar panels.

In the solar panel, there are the solar photo voltaic cells that will be used in the transmission as they are semi-conductors. The solar panels are made up of the silicon sheets with the properties that will allow the flow of the electrons due to the presence of phosphorus as an impurity. Another thing that is good for one to be acquitted with is the information on tax breaks imposed by the government in order to determine if the taxes can be reduced in the case of if one finances the installation process using a bank loan.

When setting up the solar panels, there are certain things that one has to consider. One has to ensure that obstacles are avoided such as the tree shades and the most preferred location for the solar panel installation is the roof. This can be done with the help of solar contractors as they have the necessary information on installation. Apart from the installation of the solar panel, an inverter has to be installed as well due to the fact that the current is alternating. The inverter is used to convert the solar energy before it is put to use by the electric appliances. Another task that the inverter engages in is to feed the power back to the electric grid.

There are various ways in which the solar energy can be converted or harnessed. The first way is through the use of the solar cells that are well known as the solar panels. These apparatus make use of the photovoltaic effect due to the presence of the photo cells. When the silicon sheets are hit by the sunlight, the electrons are emitted and flow to enable the generation of the solar electricity. Solar towers are as well used in harnessing the solar energy in that they are used in concentrating the sunlight. This is possible through the use of the mirrors in order to produce heat that is put to use by the thermal power plant.

Solar water heaters are constructed in such a way that presence of the panels enables the collection of the sunlight that will be used to heat up the water in an insulated tank. The tank has to be insulated in order to reduce the heat losses to the surrounding and keep the water hot. Another way of making use of the solar energy is use of the light tubes. The light tubes are an improvised substitute of the skylights. They are used in redirecting the light into a building after the light has been collected and focused. Solar cookers also make use of the solar energy in that the sunlight is focused to produce heat energy that is able boil the water thus can as well accommodate cooking.

History on anything is important in that it enables one to identify the original state of something and the evolution that has taken place. This means that the solar electricity as well has its history. The first people that can be traced back to the solar energy are the Greeks, Romans and Chinese; this was through the positioning of their houses in order to have the maximum heat and light reflecting onto the houses. The Romans are well-known with the introduction of the greenhouses. Their sole purpose of the greenhouse introduction was to facilitate the growth of rare plants and crops that needed the warm conditions.

The solar energy too has gone through evolution starting with the invention of solar cell. This can be dated back to 1880 and was first invented by Charles Fritts .The solar cell had one disadvantage in that it could not convert all the solar light into solar electricity; only converted one percent. This demanded for a better solar cell thus forcing the scientists to come up with a cell that could convert 4.5 to 6%of light. The advancement of the solar cell was facilitated by the occurrence of the cold war space and the oil crisis of 1973. This has left many developed countries in the world of competition in coming up with improvised solar panels in order to maximize the solar power generated. This is a vision to many countries to substitute the power from the fossil fuels with the solar power as this type of power is relatively cheaper and air pollution is minimized.

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